My bone structure is Slim, slight, prominent
Thick, solid, heavy
My height is Above or below average
Average or tall
My hair is Dry, thin, curly, coarse, frizzy, wiry, scanty, dark
Moderate, fine, golden or reddish, prematurely grey or balding
Thick, oily, abundant, wavy, dark or light
The pores on my face appear Small and fine
Large on T-zone, small and fine elsewhere
Large and open
My weight is Below average, hard to gain weight
Medium, able to lose or gain weight
Above average, I easily gain weight
My veins are Prominent
Evenly over my body
Not visible
My hands are Small, dry, cool, with small, long fingers
Medium sized, moist, warm, pink
Large, firm, cool, oily
My perspiration is Scanty with no smell
Profuse and hot with strong smell
Moderate and cold with pleasant smell
My endurance is Quick to start with poor endurance
Well managed with average strength. Intolerant of heat
Slow to start but strong and long lasting once I do
My appetite is Irregular, with skipped meals
Strong, must eat, regular meals
Constant, but can skip a meal
I dislike weather which is Cold, windy, dry
Hot, with strong sun
Cool and damp
My memory is Quick to remember – and to forget
Average, clear, distinct
Long term memory is best
I dream about Activity, frightening things, flying, running
Anger, fire, violence, passion, the sun
Water, clouds, relationships, romance, snow
The pace of my activity is Fast
Medium speed, intense
Slow, steady
My spending pattern Earn and spend quickly
Spend on specific goals
Hold on to what I earn
My thinking style is Quick, restless
Organized, efficient, accurate
Slow, methodical, exacting
I love Traveling, art, esoteric subjects, plays, jokes
Competitive sports, politics, hunting, research
Water, sailing, flowers, good food, business ventures