Chi Nei Tzang

Chi Nei Tzang



This massage originates from the healing Chinese Tao ancestry.  It is a deep energetic massage that works with all five major systems within the body.  These systems are energetic, vascular, lymphatic, nervous and muscular.

All these five systems are connected to the abdomen, the centre of the body which in many holistic medicines is considered the focal point of the body’s balancing energy as well as the emotional brain of the body.



Chi Nei Tsang works by gently massage the abdomen and in doing so seeks to massage many of the main organs detoxifying, draining, unblocking and releasing physical, mental and emotional blocks which left untreated can lead into illness and disease.







Chi Nei Tsang can release blocked emotions which can result in an emotional but exceedingly healing response and some side effects can include a headache due to the detoxifying nature of the massage.



Through Chi Nei Tsang massage the therapist can usually note areas of particular tension and blocks e.g. the liver may be more painful or there is constipation within the large intestine.  All of these can be treated and alleviated with Chi Nei Tsang massage.




Chi Nei Tsang is a deeply healing massage and shouldn’t be considered a relaxation therapy as the purpose is to cleanse and detoxify rather than relax thereby achieving much longer term effects and preventing disease.