Tok Sen

Tok Sen

Tok Sen Therapy


Tok Sen is an ancient 5000 years old Northern Thai practice.  In Thai, Tok Sen means take off energy lines.  Tok Sen is a form of energetic healing using a wooden hammer and thick stick to tap gently into acupressure points and energy lines.  This clears blocked energies and releases knots, tensions and stiffness.


Tok sen uses a combination of sound vibration and acupressure to stimulate the energetic healing.  It was traditionally used by farmers after a hard days work to relax and revive their broken bodies.


Tok Sen is a very rhythmic and soothing treatment as the sound combined with gentle tapping along the meridians soothes helps to relaxe the mind and body leaving you feeling like a new person.


One Reply to “Tok Sen”

  1. Northern Thailand s traditional tok sen massage – a treatment meant to clear blocked energy, remove negative energy get deep into the body s muscles. I had gone to a couple places for normal oil massages, but for some reason I was intimidated by Thai massage which focuses more on stretching and body alignment than simply relaxation.